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We create artificial intelligence based trading tools that significantly magnify the usefulness and effectiveness of your trading ecosystem for your customers. The OT tools focus on self-learning, using technical analysis and managing risks. Thanks to Ocean Trade’s enhancements, customers of our clients discover your trading ecosystem to be more effective than they ever imagined.


Harbour Pilot is a new technology. Using its interactive conversation feature, it determines the trading characteristics and experience of the user, thus being able to customize the analysis and risk management assesments to the individual user. This profile information is likewise available to the platform owners to better understand its customers.

With one click, a user can check the risk management of any position he has or is considering. Not only is this analysis evaluating positions for the user, but simultaneously showing the user all factors to consider in risk analysis, making the user a better trader.

With one click, a user gets an expert explanation of his open position based on technical analysis, including specific indicators. Thanks to OT Voice, the user can quickly get a technical analysis of his selected instrument and simultaneously see the graph and technical analysis of that instrument.

With one click, a user can check the risk of any open position using her specific private risk model that is based on her profile, previous trades, market choices, instruments and strategy.

We analyse users based on their trading history and adapt profitable strategy to their psychological types. We use the enneagram to determined the types of traders.

Based on their trading history, OT Coach shows users their most and least successful trading habits. It also shows them the trading techniques that are most rewarding for them.

Ocean Trade enables anyone to use AI tools in financial system.

Our Team

Artur Biały

Artur is a an experienced IT technologist and entrepreneur, an active CTO of DeepAirSolutions, an AI travel startup. He was an AI researcher at AGH University; doing research in the areas of Mobile Agent and Reinforcement Learning. He is also a co-founder and CTO of Cirravia, a leading blockchain solutions provider to airline groups around the world.  In addition, Artur is a project management trainer for and the founder of PMI Poland chapter; and co-founder of  Cracow Blockchain Center.

Marcin Biały

Marcin is a co-founder of Cracow Blockchain Center, an experienced media an marketing expert, a documentary film director, AI visionary and an entrepreneur.  He has worked for Polish and international media corporations and has created multiple marketing campaigns for leading brands in Poland and abroad.  He specializes in managing complex media and marketing campaign projects.

Tomasz Partyka

Tomasz is an experienced data scientist, interested in capital markets and technical analysis algorithms. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics and post-master degree in risks management. He worked for such fin-tech companies as StateStreet.


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